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CSS-based websites are one of the most significant online technologies today. As a result, web developers have the ability to style their sites in a way that makes them easy to use, concise, visually appealing, and easy to alter if needed

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Beginning CSS Web Development is distinct from other CSS publications in that it doesn't waste time talking theory and dives directly into the practical. Quickly and efficiently, it gives you with the information you need. And it's totally current, covering the latest CSS standards and design methods.

Beyond CSS fundamentals, this book also covers accessibility, hacks and filters. There is a case study at the end of the book, as well as a CSS reference section that makes it easy to seek up the syntax you need as fast as possible.

In this book, HTML and CSS are introduced in a way that makes them accessible to everyone - enthusiasts, students, and professionals. It uses information graphics and lifestyle photographs to convey the issues in a clear and entertaining way. Because of its unique format, you can read it from beginning to end or dip in and out of chapters as you want.


What They Say about the Book

“First off, Its a beautiful looking book. It is like art made with diagrams and code. I learned some concepts and was able to see why some techniques might be better than others”

Julie Foucher

“I have this book and the other (HTML&CSS). I can say without doubt that these books are well-written in the style most conducive to my learning these topics. You simply begin at the beginning, and work your way through page by page, or go to the chapter that you need to review and voilà: you have a good grasp of the topic. ”

Tobias Hardy


What’s Inside the Book?

HTML and CSS for Beginners

You'll discover how you will be able to easily grasp the two languages even if you have never programmed before since complex ideas are broken down into easy stages.

Carefully Chosen Examples (with images)

For each topic, examples have been carefully selected. Whenever possible, pictures are also supplied so that you may instantly examine the visual consequences of various CSS attributes.

Learn The Languages Fast

A "to-the-point" approach is used to appeal to the busy individual. While reading the book, you'll be able to master HTML in only one day and begin coding right away.

About the Author

Hasnan Javaid

He has been working with web sites for almost six years. He oversees a production line of business, community, and voluntary sector web sites, and passionately ensures everything is accessible and complies with current web standards. He has lived in many cities, including London and Reykjavik, but has now settled back in his beloved Nottingham, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

Please follow these steps:


Learn along the way


Implement What you learn


Get Ready to design 

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What You Will Learn Most Specifically

- What is CSS and HTML?

- What software do you need to write and run CSS codes?

- What are HTML tags and elements?

- What are the commonly used HTML tags and how to use them?

- What are HTML IDs and Classes?

- What is the basic CSS syntax?

- What are CSS selectors?

- What are pseudo classes and pseudo elements?

- How to apply CSS rules to your website and what is the order of precedence?
- What is the CSS box model?
- How to position and float your CSS boxes
- How to hide HTML content
- How to change the background of CSS boxes
- How to use the CSS color property to change colors
- How to modify text and font of a website
- How to create navigation bars
- How to create gorgeous looking tables to display your data
.. and more...

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