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Your target consumers, marketing goals and needs are identified during the initial consultation by our project managers. Your expectations will be defined, questions will be answered and the many stages of your custom website design development will be explained. We will also give you with an initial estimate for your custom website design. It helps us stay on the correct path.

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Next steps are determined by the strategy we establish. After analysing all the information gathered at kick-off, we prepare a proposal and site mock-ups and meet with your project manager to get their blessing. An action plan for the development stage must be developed in its entirety.


During this phase, the site is developed, the content is optimised, and on-site SEO is implemented. Including logo design, colour scheme, and interactive features, we guarantee that all parts of your website represent your brand. Your site is reviewed and revised if necessary once we've finished front-end and back-end construction.

Client Testimonial

See what Mellisa is saying about us.

We re-did our website twice in a 12 month period. There was no comparison between the first company and Thrive. Professional, Creative, Attentive to Detail, Excellent Communication…If I had contracted with Thrive the first time I would not have had to do it twice.

Mellisa Montiel

Marketing Director at Sterling Protective Services, Inc.

Custom Website Design Services

A generic website that blends in with the rest of the internet world is not something you want. Trust our custom website design business with your website demands and work with WordPress professionals that have years of expertise. For a site that reflects your individual branding, our WordPress website design specialists go beyond pre-made themes and plugins.

Website Analysis

This allows us to develop a bespoke eCommerce website design that is based on your website data and increases your organic traffic. This includes doing a usability study, determining if your page content is consistent and accurate across browsers, and verifying the technical implementation of your website across many browsers. Our bespoke site design caters to your target clients in this manner.

Logo Design

Personalize your website's logo to create a distinctive brand identity. Depending on your demands and specifications, our team will design three logo options, from which you may select the one that best represents your business. In addition, we provide affordable logo redesign services. Our logo Designer can create a custom design logo for you and your business.

ADA Compliant Web Design

Websites that are accessible to persons with disabilities or impairments are created by us as a customer-focused bespoke web design business. To guarantee correct contrast and navigation, our site design professionals give informative labels for form field mistakes, as well as feedback for those who have made errors. Users with restricted movement can alternatively utilise keyboard navigation.

eCommerce Web Design

Ensure a better purchasing experience for your consumers with a bespoke eCommerce website design. social evidence on your website, simplified navigations, high-quality photos, captivating descriptions and highlighting your unique selling features (USPs). Your unique demands and budget are taken into account when determining the cost of bespoke web design.

Responsive Web Design

According to QuBit's analysis, slow-loading websites cause an annual revenue loss of $2.6 billion. To enhance client retention, make sure that your website is compatible with all screen sizes and devices. SVGs (scalable vector graphics) are used to increase sales. Clickable regions and buttons are standardised.

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Client Testimonials

Compared to the other companies we have used in the past, Thrive has been far and above the best in every area. While building our new web site, the customer service has been prompt and straight forward and the actual services are well documented and logical to our needs. We are very excited to be working with Matt and the rest of the team at Thrive. Over just a short period of time I can tell that we are going to be doing business with Thrive for a long time and will gladly recommend them to anyone… except our competition.

David McDurham

Minister of Communications at First Baptist Church Arlington

Awais Internet Marketing excels at turning your website dreams into reality. We are so proud of the work they’ve done for us that we have already recommended them to many of our partners. The Awais team is heads and shoulders above their competition, and we are very thankful that they call Downtown Arlington home. Not only did the website exceed our expectations but the added value provided by Thrive regarding internet marketing strategy was exceptional. 

Thanks for a job well done!

Eric Beich

Marketing Director at Max Mechnical

My new website is everything that I wanted. I’ve already recommended you to another company. What I loved about Thrive was the fact that they started with a plan and executed it. They took the time to get to know my business before starting the build process which saved me time because I didn’t have to continually make changes. They were also very easy to communicate with and were able to work from concepts rather than needing me to design the website myself.

Aaron Miller

President at Texas Inspector

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Entrust your custom website design and development with us and gain the following advantages:

  • Results-driven websites
  • Affordable custom web design cost
  • Custom web solutions for enterprise, franchise and multiple-location businesses
  • Experienced web design and development experts
  • Seasoned content specialistsIntegrated digital marketing solutions

Why Your Business Needs A Custom Website Design

Your business relies on your website. They are a vital part of all of your digital marketing activities and are your key consumer contact point. An eCommerce website that is flexible and custom-designed provides online consumers a clear picture of your brand's offerings and fundamental beliefs.

Consumers in the United States conduct 88 percent of their research online before making a purchase or visiting a local business, according to a survey issued by the eCommerce Foundation. Online consumers who do not have access to a professionally designed website are more likely to become disappointed. Bounce rates go up, online reputation goes down and conversion rates go down.

Don't allow this happen to your company. It's important to make sure that your target audience can easily locate and browse your website. Your brand's profitability and success will increase if you invest in a responsive, well-designed, and informative website.

Custom Fit Web Design vs. Website Templates: What’s Right for Your Business?

It is a strong tool for marketing your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and connecting with clients across the world. But not all sites will provide you with the return on investment you seek (ROI). Website templates and custom-designed websites are the two main options.

HTML or CSS website templates allow developers to plug content into a complex structure. Several aspects, such as colours, font styles and pictures, are editable, although only in restricted ways. The only exceptions are those mentioned above. Templates that are already created are convenient, but they are neither flexible or distinctive.

Instead, a custom-designed website helps you to build and convey your identity through page components that are specifically targeted to your goals. They are more expensive than website templates, but they provide several advantages that give you an edge over your competitors. A bespoke WordPress website design is more search engine-friendly, customer-centric, distinctive, and scalable than built-in themes.

This allows you to create a website that is tailored to the customer journey and brand messaging of your company.

Why Custom Website Design and Development is the Best Option for Your Brand

A custom WordPress website design may help your business stand out from the crowd in this competitive industry. Unnecessary functionality and bloatware may be removed from an eCommerce website with a bespoke web design. No theme also prevents you from customising the appearance and functionality of a custom designed web site.

Your investment in bespoke website design is well worth it, thanks to its brand-building design, SEO-friendly components, and solid site architecture. Why are bespoke website design packages the best solution for your business? Taking a closer look at the numbers:

40 percent of internet surfers quit a website if the page load time exceeds three seconds (Kissmetrics) When it comes to online shopping, 90 percent of consumers trust brands that offer a pleasant user experience (UX) (Toptal) 48 percent of consumers said that a company's website design is the most important element in assessing its legitimacy (Ironpaper) Visual appeal and navigation account for 94 percent of first impressions on a website (ResearchGate)

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